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Shared Services

Shared services are nothing new. The sector has been collaborating to deliver services for mutual benefit for a very long time. Some of those services, such as JISC and the JANET network, are the envy of the world. Others, such as the system of inter-library loans, tend to be types of collaboration that are taken for granted and have never been branded 'shared services' as such.  The following case studies were funded by the JISC Flexible Service Delivery programme and helped to shape guidance on shared services which is available as part of the 'Improving Organisational Efficiency' infoKit.


Project name

Lead institution


Bloomsbury Media Cloud Royal Veterinary College (RVC) To create a shared digital media platform, which will provide the facility to electronically distribute a range of media content through radio, podcast and videocasts.
Effective Financial Administration in FE North Hertfordshire College To investigate the practicalities of a Further Education College operating certain finance functions and activities through a shared service solution.
Higher Education & Local Authority Shared Services (HELASS) Plymouth University To jointly explore and pilot the possibilities of cutting costs, improving service quality and efficiency by sharing and integrating their ICT infrastructure and support service provision for back-office (finance, HR) and front-end facilities, and through co-working, joint procurements, sharing of knowledge and resource rationalisation.
Kindura King's College London To pilot the use of a shared service provision via a hybrid cloud solution for repository-focused services for researchers.
Shared Aggregation of Labour Market Information (SALAMI) University of Nottingham To deliver a streamlined and shared service LMI solution in the cloud ('IT as a Service') for learners, employees and institutions.