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SICT - University College Falmouth

(Now Falmouth University)




The institution was in the process of creating a new IT strategy. We used the toolkit to feed into the new strategy and to assist us in highlighting areas where we needed to improve/develop.




Our original plan was as follows:


  • Send out Toolkit questionnaires to Committees engaged in IT Governance and compile results
  • Send out individual savvy questionnaires to Senior Managers and compile results
  • Review results in association with the Toolkit to gauge how we can improve in areas identified as weak
  • Initial attempts to bring this to the attention of our Management Board were thwarted due to the urgency of discussions regarding student tuition fee levels


Instead we engaged the senior IT staff in the exercise and sent out the Individual IT Savvy questionnaire to gauge interest and see what our fellow IT professionals thought of the tool. The feedback we had back suggested that it was indeed an individual exercise and that trying to collate any copies of the individual savvy toolkit would be a waste of time as users would answer how they thought they should rather than as an honest appraisal of their knowledge and skill level.


As a result of this feedback we changed our plan and included the Individual Savvy questionnaire link in with the stakeholder information but did not ask for users to complete. Of the stakeholders that completed the exercise two chose to complete the individual questionnaire and all said it has opened their eyes to areas that they need to explore further.


Following on from this feedback we changed the plan and decided to send out the Institutional Questionnaire for completion so that we could compile the results. We identified the following stakeholder groups:


  • Management Board
  • School Executive Teams
  • Management Information System Committee
  • Student records system Working Group
  • Business Information Systems Innovations Working Group
  • Senior IT Managers


A paper was submitted to Management Board in early May, which finally made the agenda and was endorsed giving new momentum to the project.


Following the endorsement from Management Board an email communication was sent out to the identified Stakeholders - this was followed up with face to face communications during the various meetings of stakeholder groups identified.




Initial feedback when communicating the project was good - all stakeholders could see the value of the exercise and verbally agreed to complete the task. Of the 30 stakeholders identified we received back 16 completed questionnaires. Results came back from most areas - but the Schools were under represented with only 1 out of 11 returning their forms.